Why EOS (Electronic Office Solutions) work with Epson.

People often ask how we choose the manufacturers we work with. Here’s why EOS work with Epson.

Firstly, when Epson approached us to join them on their journey. We looked at how environmentally friendly they were, and how their machines were. Epson certainly ticked all the right boxes. From the manufacturing process to how heat-free low energy machines run, using few consumables.

What people don’t realise is that Epson started back in 1942 as Daiwa Kogyo Ltd, and then in 1956 became Seiko Marvel producing watches. Their first miniture printer was the EP-101 in 1968,followed in 1969 by the worlds first analogue quartz watch. It was 1975 that Epson became what we know today. You may ask “how does a watch maker tie in with printers?” Easy, they use micro piezo technology the same that’s in their watches.

It was obvious that Epson have the same commitment to business growth and the how they feel about their ever-growing commitment to the environment and customer service, the same values as us at EOS.

Epson celebrates 80 years this year (2022) Here’s a short video about their journey. Click here

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