What is VoIP?

Did you know… By 2025 BT will have phased out physical phone lines and the whole nation will be on digital ones? VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the leading digital telecoms technology for business.

2025 is years away. Why switch to VoIP Telecoms now?

The change is coming. It’s best to be prepared and get your VoIP telecoms sorted now.

How would your business function without adequate telecoms services, when everything from finance and purchasing to prospecting and customer care relies on picking up the phone? Beat the inevitable rush in 2024 and guarantee that your business switches to digital phone lines seamlessly. Find out more in our explainer: What’s all the fuss about the ISDN switch off?

So, What is VoIP? 

Basically, VoIP is a telecoms technology that makes calls over the internet.  

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is one of the internet-based telecoms technologies that will replace ISDN phonelines by 2025. It converts your voice into a digital signal allows voice conversations through a digital technologies (i.e. VoIP phones, computers, and devices).  

BT are replacing the UK’s outdated analogue phone lines with digital ones to improve performance, capacity and reduce end user costs. Voice over internet protocol is a technology that allows people to use digital phone lines. At EOS, we believe VoIP offers the best solution for businesses, and we provide great value packages – customisable to your needs.

 Benefits of VoIP from EOS: 

  • Low call costs 
  • Simple monthly, per user billing 
  • Generous VoIP bundle deals to fit business needs and budgets 
  • Hardware and minutes included 
  • Vast and varied features (including apps), customised to your business
  • Intuitive simple administration from your desktop, with administration packages available 
  • Automatic updates 
  • Simple to deploy over multiple locations. Support remote working and enable disaster recovery.  
  • Easily manage and monitor usage, have control over your system. 
  • Grows with your business – quickly and easily add new users
  • Top rated customer care