If you haven’t heard of the great 2025 BT switch off, you’ll need to look at it. Firstly, don’t panic, it’s not until 2025, but you need to start looking a switch as soon as possible. 

Why is this happening? 

Simple! Our current lines are copper and date back to the Victorian era. Just like our television services going from analogue to digital about ten years ago, we have to move away from old technology to new digital technology.  

How do the digital lines work? 

The old system we have now is known as PSTN which stands for public switched telephone network. Countries that have already gone through this process are Estonia and the Netherlands. France, Germany, and Japan are all in the middle of moving across.  

The new system is known as VoIP which stands for voice over internet protocol, this can also be known as IP voice or digital voice. The simple explanation of how it works, is the VoIP converts your voice into a digital signal so it can be sent between computers. This is the same technology that services like WhatsApp, FaceTime and Skype use. 

What other services use phone lines? 

Our voice calls (landlines) are not the only thing we use the lines for. Companies use them for burglar alarms, card machines, tills etc, as well as them being used for healthcare services, ATM’s, traffic lights, motorway signs, railway signals, home monitoring systems etc. Again, we need a reliable service for all these of which the old system isn’t. 

All sound confusing? Again, don’t worry about the switch if you have any questions were here to help. Our consultants are trained to navigate you through this process. 

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