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ithElectronic Office Solutions – Great Value VoIP Telecoms Packages for Norfolk Businesses

Did you know that BT are disconnecting the UK’s ISDN network in 2025? All phone lines across the country need to be replaced with technology that makes calls over the internet.

The upgrade gives the system more capacity, more flexibility and will be cheaper and easier for BT to maintain. It also means that calls costs can be much lower for the end user, both at home and in business.

VoIP Telecoms from Electronic Office Solutions

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the leading option to replace ISDN technology. It gives users the flexibility to receive calls anywhere with an internet connection.

This is great for businesses because it means users not only take their phone number with them, wherever they’re working, but also the entire phone system. Need unanswered calls to move to another team member? Yep. Need the ability to transfer calls? No problem. Need to record incoming calls? Done. VoIP phone systems have an extensive list of systems, and they all run seamlessly regardless of whether your operatives are in the office, at home, or on the road.

Great Value VoIP Packages from Electronic Office Solutions

Starting at £12.95 per seat, per month our great value packages include 1500 minutes to UK numbers and portal management software that makes running your system a breeze.

Essential Advanced Advanced
Set Up £99 Included Included
Telephone Hardware  ✓  ✓
Hunt Groups 5 10 Unlimited
Advanced Hunt Groups  –
Busy Indicator  ✓
Contact List (Directory)  ✓
Group Call Line (Alias)  ✓
Time Schedule  ✓
Calling Plans  ✓
Call Forwarding  ✓
Bundle Minutes 1500 3000 Unlimited
Auto Attendant  –  ✓
Advanced Plus Options  –  ✓  ✓
Speed Dials  –  ✓  ✓
Go-Integrator  –  ✓  ✓
Desktop & Mobile Apps  –  –  ✓
SLA – On Site 8 hours 4 hours 2 hours
SLA – Remote 4 hours 2 hours 1 hours
Admin (Rename Users, Reset Passwords, etc.) 10 mins 15 mins
Training Day of set up
and videos
Day of set up
and videos
Day of set up
w videos,
Contract Term (Months) 36 36 36
Monthly Cost Per Seat £12.95 £15.95 £19.95

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