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How’s your IT? Slow? Expensive? Clunky? Confusing? Time-consuming? You should be out there winning business and helping your clients, not grappling with IT problems.

Move your business IT to the Cloud

Managed IT in the Cloud is cheaper, it’s quicker, and the user experience is better. With less physical equipment hosting your network and regular back-ups, there’s also less that can go wrong.

    • Cheaper: No more server maintenance costs or paying to rent rack space on a physical server – and that’s just to start. When you’re working in the cloud, you can purchase your software direct from the provider and shave off the third-party margin. In addition, with no physical equipment to maintain and regular cloud back-ups, your business will need less expensive third line technical support.
    • Quicker: Access everything you need as quickly as you can get online. With single-sign on your users can access all the programmes they need by logging in once, and with less steps to go through to access your system, your team can get to work quicker.
    • Better User Experience: staff can work effectively anywhere with an internet connection. With a quicker IT infrastructure set up and easy access to all your systems and files, working in the cloud makes for a better user experience.

What about IT Security? We’ve got you covered

Single sign on means quicker system access and two-step verification makes it more secure. Without a physical server to access there is also less opportunity for bots to lie in wait looking for weak points to exploit. What’s more, with fewer parties involved there is less confusion over who’s responsible for which element of system security. And of course, we install, monitor and keep up-to-date anti-virus software, anti-spam email filters and monitor your system for potential malware and ransomware attacks.

Plan for the worst, expect the best

Even with a super-secure cloud-based system there is always some level of risk, however minimal. EOS continually prioritise your system security. This starts with setting up best practice security measures on your system, such as two-factor authentication. We also run regular back-ups so system recovery is as smooth as possible. Further, we develop disaster recovery plans for each client so we’re ready to spring into action should the worst happen.

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